Ready to get started with iKeyVault but want to know more first?
Here’s how iKeyVault works.

The iKeyVault Difference. Currently, websites define static parameters for usernames and passwords (eight characters, one capitalized, one special, etc.).  On such sites, most identity thefts happen at the server level, where thousands of usernames and passwords are stolen in a single instance. iKeyVault resolves this hacking threat with our patented authentications system. You get to define the parameters of your own passcode, so that the passcode is not only unique and unpredictable but also constantly changes. Additionally, the method you use to create your dynamic passcode never “goes over the wire,” so your vault is virtually un-hackable! 

Authentication. To access your vault, you have to login using our patented “dynamic passcode” technology. Dynamic passcodes are basically codes created by combining two or more variables that are not only unpredictable, but constantly change. For example, if you set your passcode based on the opening stock price and the time of the day, the stock price will be different every day and the time changes every minute.  You then combine these variables you choose with your own formula. If they’re both numbers, you can add, subtract, multiply, or divide them. If one’s a word, you can append the two variables to each other. While your passcode is constantly changing, this formula is always the same…so that you can figure out your passcode and no one else can!

Storage of Online Accounts. Once inside the ID vault, you store usernames and passwords for your websites and online accounts in an easy tabular format in your ID Vault. You then download our handy plugin (available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge), and simply click on your saved accounts to be taken to that website and logged in.

Universal Access. Unlike most other password managers, your data (information on your websites and online accounts) are encrypted and stored on the cloud, not saved to any local machine.  Therefore, you can access them from anywhere, any device, and any time! 

Sharing. In today’s world, it is necessary for all of us to share some of our common or joint accounts with others.  With iKeyVault, you can selectively and securely share access to your saved websites, online accounts and other information with your family and friends, without sending login credentials through e-mail, SMS text or writing them on a piece of paper. Simply select the entry you wish to share and then set who to share that account with and for how long. The person you share the account with will have access only to that website, not to other ones saved in your vault.

Data Security. iKeyVault’s pledge to deploy cutting edge cybersecurity technology to safeguard your data is reflected in more than just our encryption. We store parts of your data separately across multiple servers and identify you only by a pseudo ID, preventing the most common ways hackers get to access your online accounts. Our security solutions also meet several high standards including:

  • Dichotomy of Servers: The usernames and passwords are stored on cloud servers from different service providers. Therefore, even if one server is hacked, your identity is safe.
  • Encryption: Your data is secured by military grade 256-bit key encryption built with SALT & Hash algorithms.
  • Communication: Our SSL/TLS encryption tunnel is based on VeriSign public/private certification. Also as the way you compute your passcode using your own user-defined formula happens in your mind and does not “go over the wire”, our technology essentially prevents Man in the middle (“MITM”) attacks.
  • Feature set: Our features are compliant with NIST SB800-171 standards.