BYOA - Bring Your Own Authentication

iKeyVault offers you a private ID vault for all your online accounts with a state-of-the-art entry key that you define. We will be offering you more vaults in our next release, including a private-key vault, testamentary vault, and social media vault. With iKeyVault, you get to set your own rules and dictate how you want to be authenticated. Just set up your account, download the browser extension, and get started!


Your online vaults are protected by a passcode set by a formula that you define. It is virtually unpredictable and constantly changes. The way you arrive at the code does not “go over the wire," so it's almost impossible to break!


Store your usernames and passwords in your ID vault secured by military grade 256-bit key encryption. Access your accounts from anywhere, any device, any time online or with our browser extension.


Share access to any of your online accounts with friends and family members. You can set your sharing for any duration of time. And your friends can share access to their accounts with you too!

Password Fatigued?

Do you use the same convoluted password for all your online accounts?  Do your passwords have eight characters – three lower-case, one capital, one special, one upside-down, one numeric, and one character that doesn’t even exist on your keyboard?  Or perhaps you have multiple passwords written on sticky notes on your desktop. And every single time you need to change one, you’re faced with obscure verification questions with answers you can’t remember.

Well, the good news is – you’re not alone and iKeyVault provides you with a convenient solution.

79% of online users today experience “password fatigue.” With iKeyVault, you can now play by your own rules. iKeyVault’s dynamic authentication enables you to take control of your own verification and create your own online vault where you can store access to online accounts.

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