Dispel Password Fatigue.

  • Do you use the same convoluted password for all your online accounts?

  • Do your passwords have eight characters – three lower-case, one capital, one special, one upside-down, one numeric, and one character that doesn’t even exist on your keyboard?

  • Are you faced with obscure verification questions with answers you can’t remember?

Our Solution

Store your online user credentials in a vault secured by our patented user authentication technology:


Based on a cutting-edge formula derived from constantly-changing publicly available data.


Defined by users so that their final passcode is secure, easy to remember, and tailored to meet individual’s needs.


Calculated from data that
no one (not the users, the companies, nor the
hackers) can predict.

Sign up for your Vault today.

  • Save your online credentials in a secure location – so you never forget a password again.

  • Log into your accounts with a single click using our plugin.

  • Share your login credentials safely with friends and family.