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Why iKeyVault

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Are you looking for an ironclad vault to store your online accounts and your important files & documents - a vault that can never be hacked? Do you have the same Username and Password that you use with multiple accounts? Do you know that the single most cause behind data breaches and ransom attacks is the reuse of static usernames & passwords?

With iKeyVault your login credentials and important files/documents are stored in the SAFEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE cloud vault in the industry, secured by a dynamic and unpredictable authentication process! You can also download our browser extension for logging into your online accounts or accessing your cloud data from anywhere. iKeyVault is immune to hacking or ransomware attacks!

All websites dictate how you set up your authentication credentials - typically eight characters, one cap, one special, and so on. And as your usernames & passwords are stored on some central server, they are prone to hacks and identity thefts.

With iKeyVault, as you define how you set up your dynamic passcode that constantly changes, it is NOT stored in any server and never be stolen! Additionally, your documents and files saved in iKeyVault Cloud is secured by military grade encryption that can never be tampered with.

Best of all, with iKeyVault you can securely SHARE access to any of your online accounts or your files/documents with others for any length of time now or even a future date, without giving them the username and password.

Those who you share access to your online accounts must verify themselves through the same rigorous iKeyVault authentication process. Therefore, access to your online accounts will never be compromised and your important documents & files will remain safe & secure!


A password & data vault with a twist.

With iKeyVault, you can store the following information:

  • Login Credentials (Usernames, Passwords, Answers to Verification Questions)
  • All your Sensitive Data – important documents and files in our Secure Cloud
  • Tags and Notes on Accounts, so that it’s easy to search

Your unique passcode to log into your Vault is defined by you so that it's easy for you to remember. It's based on unpredictable variables including:

  • Current Time or Date (on system)
  • Day of the Week
  • Last Closing Value of any Stock Symbol
  • Current Weather Temperature of any City
  • First Word of a News Feed
  • First Word in any Twitter Handle’s Latest Tweet
  • Or even a secret word of your choice!

Once you've selected the variables that are easy for you to remember, you can then combine them with a formula to create your own own unique and dynamic passcode, using the following calculations:

  • Add/Subtract
  • Multiply/Divide
  • Append


iKeyVault offers something for everyone - from students storing their academic websites to professionals storing their financials. We are here for you.



  • Store unlimited login credentials!
  • Create your unique passcode with up to two variables.
  • Store 10GB of files and sensitive data.
  • Share your data and login credentials securely.



  • Store unlimited login credentials!
  • Create your unique passcode with up to three variables.
  • Store 100GB of files and sensitive data.
  • Share your data and login credentials securely.
* Charged annually